Remembering My Experiences When Approach Anxiety Would Kick In

Any guy that has been out there and dared approaching a woman knows that when approach anxiety kicks in, everything could go downhill and work against you, but if you know how to keep your nerves in check, anxiety or not, you won’t do a bad job with the approach.

What happens when approach anxiety kicks in?

You won’t fail to notice when your nerves start working you up, or when you feel that cold sweat slowly ebbing down your arm, or when your words get stuck in your mouth.

Furthermore, you will know that this is not you, but not even that thought will change the fact that when approach anxiety kicks in, even the boldest of mares turn meek and feeble.

You can hide it

You don’t have to wear your cowardice on your sleeve, and yes “cowardice” applies because that’s what anxiety makes you look like…a coward!

Be brave about not being courageous, just like you would be smart about not being in the know, and eventually, that which you haven’t will slowly settle in.

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