Answers From The Girls On What Women Respond To In Men

It has taken many guys a lifetime to figure out what women respond to, and for others, they are yet to solve that puzzle – however, if you know women even halfway through, you wouldn’t be surprised by this fact.

What don’t women respond to?

A good place to start would be what women do not respond to… A long list this would be, but there are certain notables that you just want to stay away from.

Women do not respond to excessive arrogance in the name of self-assurance and confidence – so get your borderlines right because this may just be your undoing.

If you’re a clingy or needy guy then you will have a problem… Let’s face it, loneliness loves company, and if you’re clinging needy nature works for you with the women you meet, then you most likely are getting your kin in as much as your “needing” ¬†goes.

Can you have what women respond to?

It’s very easy to be that guy that any woman would respond to, and only if you step out of your comfort zone and realize that it takes being different to receive extraordinary responses from the women you encounter.

Could you be that loving guy that appreciates women like the jewels they are, or that sensitive guy that’s not afraid to show this side despite the “alpha” in his manliness? If you could, then you’ve got game for that is what women respond to…

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