My Findings On What Makes A Guy Noticeable To Women

Most guys would probably find it easier to derive the magnetism formulas than to write what women notice in guys, and there are a number of reasons for this, most of which you probably know. What you almost have no clue about is the right answers to whatever it is women notice in men…but you’re in the right place!

Is he who he claims to be?

If you have to put up an act, which is never recommended even for the best of players amongst men-kind, be sure to have your whole act together, from the props to the backup actors and your script.

That’s one approach, and it’s for those who don’t mind working hard–extra hard–as opposed to working smart…

There you are ranting about what a nice guy you are, you’ve gone ahead and bought her a drink, but when the waitress comes over to ask you if you need anything else, you go ahead and quip “Honey if I really needed anything else, don’t you think I would have snapped my fingers upfront?” Ouch! Not a nice guy this one!

What women notice in guys is not obvious

If you think that women only notice the obvious aspects in a guy, then you’re more than wrong. For some women, they may not even notice “what” you are dressed in but “how” you are dressed. In other words, she may not notice that you’re in a Pierre Cardini, but she may notice that you are dressed refreshingly, maturely, or provocatively…

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