My Discovery Of What Exactly Women Look For In A Guy

Imagine that you’re kidnapped and the ransom is very simple – the answer to what do girls look for in a guy… For many guys, a cashed in ransom would have been so much simpler than telling what girls really look for in a guy, and in that case, if you weren’t imagining this, your story would be a very sad one…

Do girls look for anything in a guy?

Yes of course they do, it may seem like after a long and elusive search, girls really have nothing on their list–but they do!

Perhaps the right question should have been, do all girls look for the same things in a guy? Do all girls have the same needs in their ideal men?

They generally do, not strictly but in a relative sense, one woman’s list will always strongly resemble another woman’s.

What do girls look for in a guy?

Very simply put, every woman will want a guy that’s reliable, in the sense that she can rely on not just you as a person, but on your word. Can you keep your word, or is lying and empty promises part of your regular routine?

Can she talk to you? Every woman wants to be with a man that she can talk to, a man that she can openly and easily relate with without straining or having to beg or earn his attention.

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