What I Do To Attract Women Successfully

Of all the ways to attract women, there are some that work for a majority of women, while others only for a select few, and yet even with this, many guys still can’t think of just a few ways to attract girls.

Ways not to attract women

It doesn’t matter how much of it you have, but when it comes to attracting women, you can leave your arrogance at the door because there’s nothing “macho” about being arrogant!

Don’t slacken on hygiene or looking tidy, you’re not Johnny Depp! Trust that regardless of how posh your ride is, if a woman picks up on your body odour or bad breath, then your rims will do you no good as she just won’t be attracted to you.

Ways to attract women

It should be obvious that looking sharp and clean–not necessarily suit and tie–smelling nice and bringing smart to the fore…no woman can resist this, it’s always a major plus when it comes to attracting women.

Another key way to attract a woman is by not trying too much, if you’re confident that you’re an attractive guy, then you’ll never have to prove that to anyone.

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