So How Did I Manage To Make A Girl Fall In Love With Me?

There exists some kind of formula for guys looking to make a girl fall in love, and interestingly, almost every guy has tried to use, keeps using it and yet fails to get a girl to fall in love…then guys end up beating themselves up that they’re just not good enough!

Keeping up with the norm has never worked extraordinarily, and if a normal reaction is what you’re seeking, then by all means go by the tried and failed methods.

On the other hand, if you’re looking to really strike gold and make that lovely girl fall so madly in love with you, you’ll have to start with having an impact on her with your presence and not your presents.

Give her your full attention when she’s speaking; but it also doesn’t have to always be about her, show her what an interesting and inspired person you are–women are attracted to men who are passionate about things they love.

Don’t be too forward for just like push leads to shove, being too forward will drive her away.

You also do not want to be too available and always on her neck, let her miss you, and for her to miss you, you’ll have to ensure that she enjoys your company, has fun with you, and is always unknowing of what you’ll do next yet anticipating that you do.

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