The Art Of Making A Girl Comfortable – Become That Artist!

You meet a girl at a convention and the first thing you want to do is break the ice with her, get her talking…but your problem is that you don’t know how to make a girl feel comfortable. So what next? Do you start off the conversation with a smarty comment or act lost and ask her for directions?

To make a girl comfortable feel comfortable

It’s a very basic principle and it wouldn’t take much to see how good it works. What would make you feel comfortable if you were to fit into her shoes? Most guys agree that smiling works like magic. When a woman smiles at you so warmly, does it make you feel more uptight or give even more reason to further converse with her? It’s pretty obvious what the answer to that question is…

How can you tell that a girl is uncomfortable?

It makes sense to want to identify just what the signs of discomfort are…you may be thinking that she is on the same page as you are when in reality she would rather be at some other place and time and with some other guy.

If you realize that the girl seems fidgety or nervous as if she was anticipating some bad news, then she’s not comfortable around you and she just won’t be free talking or relating with you.

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