Never Giving Up And Ways To Keep Going

Life can be very simple and complicated at the same time, and it is in knowing how to keep going that you guarantee keeping yourself and your plans on the asphalt whether or not the car slows down and sometimes even temporarily stops, you just need to keep going…but how?

You had come so far…

Things have been going so well between you two, you started out thinking it would never go so far–but it did and you actually feel like you’re both falling in love in a natural and inevitable fashion.

However, there comes this phase when everything else, apart from your new-found passion with the lady, everything else is simply on a downhill spiral.

While you may easily convince yourself that you can set apart these two sides of your life, you actually cannot, at some point, all the other things that aren’t going well for you will end up affecting the one aspect of your life that was going just fine…your love life.

Picking up from the ruins and keep going

You don’t want to bow down to the pressure, regardless of its magnitude, you just must keep going. Which is why in knowing how to keep going, it calls for you to keep a straight head, and let her know that everything will work out just fine, you’re only going through a rough patch that is just that –  a patch.

You’re bigger than any problem or predicament, and if anyone can’t take that then they’re are part of the patch!

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