From Meeting To Bringing A Girl Home

Knowing how to bring a girl home is the deal-breaker, the only difference between the guy that stays and goes home alone, and the one that stays alone but never goes home alone–it’s got nothing to do about one being an eligible bachelor and the other pretty much not! Where you would want to be placed is an obvious guess, but how can you get there?

Know what you want

You will earn so much more respect by knowing what you want, and not being too canny about it when it comes to bringing a girl home; unlike common notion, it’s never the contrary that applies!

So you pretty much just want to bring the girl home for the night, and though you’re not sure if she would agree to it, you shouldn’t care either for if you have your cards in check, persuading her will not be necessary – she will just go with the flow!

Make it irresistible

Evidently, if she has to resist the offer, you’re not quite the exception either! She may not be your dream woman, or the one you want to have your babies…but she can be yours for the night, and what comes thereafter is history…

There’s nothing like a heady steamy encounter, it blurs all reasoning and conviction, and at that time, the spur of the moment is in the cockpit with the map of how to bring a girl home.

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