Breaking The Ice Isn’t Rocket Science When Using Direct Approaches

If you have serious issues with approaching women you don’t know, then a guide on how to break the ice with direct approaches may just be what you need…it’s very simple, instead of taking that long route with roundabouts and junctions, just take the straight direct path and you will get there faster!

The benefit of a direct approach

So what happens when you take a direct approach with a woman? If your aim is to impress her, then you most probably will, and especially with your stash of confidence. If your aim is to break the ice, then you may or may not succeed and what counts is how you set yourself apart from every other jerk out there.

A direct approach does not imply coming out arrogantly or forcibly, it does not necessitate any pressure on either of you. A direct approach is pretty much hitting the nail on the head…

Can women break the ice easily?

You’ll be so surprised at just how easy it is to break the ice with a woman and especially when using a direct approach–it’s like laying all your cards on the table and in turn “coercing” her to open up in the same way…in other words, when she opens up to you you have achieved to break the ice.

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