When I Finally Found Out Various Ways To Attract Women

Ever wondered what was so tricky about learning ways to attract women? Is it that there isn’t an easy way out, or that the easy way out is not too obvious for the bulk of guys out there trying to figure out the same? But you need not worry too much about that, because what matters is that you aren’t far from the “easy way out”.

Are you theĀ generic or theĀ unique guy?

It matters a lot, that you know the type of guy you are, even more important than whatever type you are for it is in knowing the problem–the presence or lack thereof–that you can find the solution where necessary.

If you’re the generic guy then it means that you’re not much different from the guy she last spoke to, or the one she will speak to next…you’re just a basic, general, “normal” guy – and there’s nothing so overly attractive about that!

Are you trying too hard?

If you are, then not only will she pick up on that, but so will everybody else around you, and not a single woman would be attracted to that–you can try your luck with proving this wrong. If you’re really so good, then you don’t have to try hard to attract a woman, and the guy that knows how to attract women is truly worth his salt.

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