From Meeting A Girl To What To Do Next

So you bumped into a girl, started to chat and got on like a house on fire.

Before you know it, you ask her number and she hands it over to you with a huge grin on her face.

The evening was successful and everything flowed so smoothly that you even began to wonder what was it that went right… but who cares, you got her number and the rest is easy as pie, right?



Getting her number is only half the battle, what you do next will either make or break the next phase… which I assume is wanting to go on a date with her?

One of the biggest mistakes men make is trying to use technology to impress the ladies. Using text messaging to start a conversation is the ideal solution… you can avoid any face-to-face nervousness (at least to start with).
However, there is a fine line with what you can do and how often you do it. The guys over at WayTooSocial have put together a guide for successful texting and show us exactly how it should be done.

what to text a girl
Don’t rely solely on texting, you are going to have to face her at some point

Here is a break down of what you shouldn’t do:

  1. Long Text Sessions

    Even if you are having a long text session and she is reciprocating, the chances are she will start trusting you as a friend, get bored or end up inadvertently offending her.

  2. Using Up All Your Flirt

    What ever you do, you do not want to use up all your flirting through the phone. There is nothing that beats flirting face-to-face and seeing her smile and laugh.
    The more you flirt by text the more it looses its meaning. Furthermore, even if you are successful, you will be giving her high exceptions for the next time you meet and if you do not deliver face-to-face, then you can kiss her goodbye.

  3. Opening Up Your Feelings

    Firstly, it is too soon to confess any feeling, whether by text or face-to-face… just stop it!

    You will come across like a needy little emotional child, desperate for attention. Women in general require a man that is both mentally and physically strong