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This is the drone reviews of the Blade Chroma 4K from Horizon Hobby, and if you’ve got a little over a thousand dollars to spend on a camera drone, you’ll want to check it out. Inside is basically the same as the Unique Typhoon Q500 4K, but outside is very different. It’s much smaller, for one, and can easily be disassembled for travel or repairs. The slot loading battery offers up to thirty minutes of flight, but I typically got just over twenty minutes before I had to bring it in for a landing. It has a smart mode that always moves the quadcopter in the direction you move the stick, regardless of the direction your nose is pointed. You’ll also have ‘follow me’ and tracking options that use GPS to keep tabs on whoever or whatever has the controller.

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If you want more control, you can drop it into angle mode and, when you’re ready to land, just flip the controller switch to home and it will fly back to you and land. The controller is pretty key to the package in general. It has a built in 5.5 inch touch screen to give you a first person view from the camera, and flight info and access to settings as well. Other quads generally rely on a tablet or smart phone for this, so going with the Chroma means you’ll have one less battery to worry about keeping charged. It also gives you the camera controls, including buttons for stills and video, and a slider for camera tilt.

DJI Phantom 3 is the competition

So, why would you look elsewhere? The main reason would be to get features like waypoint navigation or other autonomous flight options that you could get with the DJI Phantom 3 or 3D Robotics Solo. But if you’re looking for a simple, ready-to-fly camera drone, the Blade Chroma is easy to recommend. You’ll want more of the best drone reviews on our official drone site.

Meeting All the Most Beautiful Women in the World!

It is not so tough to meet girls of the dream and also you just will need an likelihood. On the other hand a lot of individuals are not so fortunate inside this predicament and locate it difficult to meet a lady on account of insufficient confidence or just being shy. Are you presently one of these? Usually do not concern yourself, this short report covers all important measures and clarify “how it is possible to meet women”. It’ll surely help you.


Appear Everywhere!

The spot is probably definitely among the incredibly very first thing, should you reside within a spot in which the human population is beneath it’ll lower your odds of meeting a lady. A very good solution to find girls are theme parks, cafe, bars and lastly the densely populated regions.

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