Seduction Is Localized and Global – All Around The World

If you thought that seduction was an exclusive affair for the selected few, then you’ve never been so wrong for seduction around the world indicates the various aspects that influence seduction all around the world.

Is seduction influenced by where you come from?

Your background plays a great role in your style and manner of seduction. Russians most likely have their own distinct style of seduction from say Mexicans and the same goes for all other backgrounds.

Once you identify that your seduction style may be very different, it would be wise to try and find out how seduction around the world varies so as to see where you stand and what makes you either very seductive or not.

What is the use of knowing seduction around the world?

In identifying how the art of seduction takes borders, you can see what makes it either so easy or so hard for you to break any ground with seduction.

You may meet a woman who’s turned on by your unique seduction style, not only because it’s different, but also because it makes you stand out from the other men she’s met. The reverse could also apply, whereby your “difference” becomes your “weakness”.

Never Giving Up And Ways To Keep Going

Life can be very simple and complicated at the same time, and it is in knowing how to keep going that you guarantee keeping yourself and your plans on the asphalt whether or not the car slows down and sometimes even temporarily stops, you just need to keep going…but how?

You had come so far…

Things have been going so well between you two, you started out thinking it would never go so far–but it did and you actually feel like you’re both falling in love in a natural and inevitable fashion.

However, there comes this phase when everything else, apart from your new-found passion with the lady, everything else is simply on a downhill spiral.

While you may easily convince yourself that you can set apart these two sides of your life, you actually cannot, at some point, all the other things that aren’t going well for you will end up affecting the one aspect of your life that was going just fine…your love life.

Picking up from the ruins and keep going

You don’t want to bow down to the pressure, regardless of its magnitude, you just must keep going. Which is why in knowing how to keep going, it calls for you to keep a straight head, and let her know that everything will work out just fine, you’re only going through a rough patch that is just that –  a patch.

You’re bigger than any problem or predicament, and if anyone can’t take that then they’re are part of the patch!

What It Truly Takes To Have A Great Date With Her

You ought to count yourself very lucky if you’ve gotten past the point of breaking ice with a woman and are now down to your first date but haven’t the slightest clue how to have a great date – so how’s about that?

Why is it important to have a great date?

Unless if you don’t care about establishing a relationship with the woman, it’s paramount that your first date with her is the best it could possibly be lest it leaves a permanent mark that will be hard to erase.

By having a great date with your new catch, not only do you increase your chances of getting more consequent dates, but you also make it easier for her to like you simply because she enjoys your company.

Having a great date with any woman

One sure way to guarantee that you have a great date with just about any woman is by knowing her deepest interests and desires that way you can pick just the right setting for your date, and just the right date activity  so as to have a great date out.

Answers From The Girls On What Women Respond To In Men

It has taken many guys a lifetime to figure out what women respond to, and for others, they are yet to solve that puzzle – however, if you know women even halfway through, you wouldn’t be surprised by this fact.

What don’t women respond to?

A good place to start would be what women do not respond to… A long list this would be, but there are certain notables that you just want to stay away from.

Women do not respond to excessive arrogance in the name of self-assurance and confidence – so get your borderlines right because this may just be your undoing.

If you’re a clingy or needy guy then you will have a problem… Let’s face it, loneliness loves company, and if you’re clinging needy nature works for you with the women you meet, then you most likely are getting your kin in as much as your “needing”  goes.

Can you have what women respond to?

It’s very easy to be that guy that any woman would respond to, and only if you step out of your comfort zone and realize that it takes being different to receive extraordinary responses from the women you encounter.

Could you be that loving guy that appreciates women like the jewels they are, or that sensitive guy that’s not afraid to show this side despite the “alpha” in his manliness? If you could, then you’ve got game for that is what women respond to…

Remembering My Experiences When Approach Anxiety Would Kick In

Any guy that has been out there and dared approaching a woman knows that when approach anxiety kicks in, everything could go downhill and work against you, but if you know how to keep your nerves in check, anxiety or not, you won’t do a bad job with the approach.

What happens when approach anxiety kicks in?

You won’t fail to notice when your nerves start working you up, or when you feel that cold sweat slowly ebbing down your arm, or when your words get stuck in your mouth.

Furthermore, you will know that this is not you, but not even that thought will change the fact that when approach anxiety kicks in, even the boldest of mares turn meek and feeble.

You can hide it

You don’t have to wear your cowardice on your sleeve, and yes “cowardice” applies because that’s what anxiety makes you look like…a coward!

Be brave about not being courageous, just like you would be smart about not being in the know, and eventually, that which you haven’t will slowly settle in.

When I Finally Found Out Various Ways To Attract Women

Ever wondered what was so tricky about learning ways to attract women? Is it that there isn’t an easy way out, or that the easy way out is not too obvious for the bulk of guys out there trying to figure out the same? But you need not worry too much about that, because what matters is that you aren’t far from the “easy way out”.

Are you the generic or the unique guy?

It matters a lot, that you know the type of guy you are, even more important than whatever type you are for it is in knowing the problem–the presence or lack thereof–that you can find the solution where necessary.

If you’re the generic guy then it means that you’re not much different from the guy she last spoke to, or the one she will speak to next…you’re just a basic, general, “normal” guy – and there’s nothing so overly attractive about that!

Are you trying too hard?

If you are, then not only will she pick up on that, but so will everybody else around you, and not a single woman would be attracted to that–you can try your luck with proving this wrong. If you’re really so good, then you don’t have to try hard to attract a woman, and the guy that knows how to attract women is truly worth his salt.

My Findings On What Makes A Guy Noticeable To Women

Most guys would probably find it easier to derive the magnetism formulas than to write what women notice in guys, and there are a number of reasons for this, most of which you probably know. What you almost have no clue about is the right answers to whatever it is women notice in men…but you’re in the right place!

Is he who he claims to be?

If you have to put up an act, which is never recommended even for the best of players amongst men-kind, be sure to have your whole act together, from the props to the backup actors and your script.

That’s one approach, and it’s for those who don’t mind working hard–extra hard–as opposed to working smart…

There you are ranting about what a nice guy you are, you’ve gone ahead and bought her a drink, but when the waitress comes over to ask you if you need anything else, you go ahead and quip “Honey if I really needed anything else, don’t you think I would have snapped my fingers upfront?” Ouch! Not a nice guy this one!

What women notice in guys is not obvious

If you think that women only notice the obvious aspects in a guy, then you’re more than wrong. For some women, they may not even notice “what” you are dressed in but “how” you are dressed. In other words, she may not notice that you’re in a Pierre Cardini, but she may notice that you are dressed refreshingly, maturely, or provocatively…

From Meeting To Bringing A Girl Home

Knowing how to bring a girl home is the deal-breaker, the only difference between the guy that stays and goes home alone, and the one that stays alone but never goes home alone–it’s got nothing to do about one being an eligible bachelor and the other pretty much not! Where you would want to be placed is an obvious guess, but how can you get there?

Know what you want

You will earn so much more respect by knowing what you want, and not being too canny about it when it comes to bringing a girl home; unlike common notion, it’s never the contrary that applies!

So you pretty much just want to bring the girl home for the night, and though you’re not sure if she would agree to it, you shouldn’t care either for if you have your cards in check, persuading her will not be necessary – she will just go with the flow!

Make it irresistible

Evidently, if she has to resist the offer, you’re not quite the exception either! She may not be your dream woman, or the one you want to have your babies…but she can be yours for the night, and what comes thereafter is history…

There’s nothing like a heady steamy encounter, it blurs all reasoning and conviction, and at that time, the spur of the moment is in the cockpit with the map of how to bring a girl home.

What I Do To Attract Women Successfully

Of all the ways to attract women, there are some that work for a majority of women, while others only for a select few, and yet even with this, many guys still can’t think of just a few ways to attract girls.

Ways not to attract women

It doesn’t matter how much of it you have, but when it comes to attracting women, you can leave your arrogance at the door because there’s nothing “macho” about being arrogant!

Don’t slacken on hygiene or looking tidy, you’re not Johnny Depp! Trust that regardless of how posh your ride is, if a woman picks up on your body odour or bad breath, then your rims will do you no good as she just won’t be attracted to you.

Ways to attract women

It should be obvious that looking sharp and clean–not necessarily suit and tie–smelling nice and bringing smart to the fore…no woman can resist this, it’s always a major plus when it comes to attracting women.

Another key way to attract a woman is by not trying too much, if you’re confident that you’re an attractive guy, then you’ll never have to prove that to anyone.

My Discovery Of What Exactly Women Look For In A Guy

Imagine that you’re kidnapped and the ransom is very simple – the answer to what do girls look for in a guy… For many guys, a cashed in ransom would have been so much simpler than telling what girls really look for in a guy, and in that case, if you weren’t imagining this, your story would be a very sad one…

Do girls look for anything in a guy?

Yes of course they do, it may seem like after a long and elusive search, girls really have nothing on their list–but they do!

Perhaps the right question should have been, do all girls look for the same things in a guy? Do all girls have the same needs in their ideal men?

They generally do, not strictly but in a relative sense, one woman’s list will always strongly resemble another woman’s.

What do girls look for in a guy?

Very simply put, every woman will want a guy that’s reliable, in the sense that she can rely on not just you as a person, but on your word. Can you keep your word, or is lying and empty promises part of your regular routine?

Can she talk to you? Every woman wants to be with a man that she can talk to, a man that she can openly and easily relate with without straining or having to beg or earn his attention.

Meeting All the Most Beautiful Women in the World!

It is not so tough to meet girls of the dream and also you just will need an likelihood. On the other hand a lot of individuals are not so fortunate inside this predicament and locate it difficult to meet a lady on account of insufficient confidence or just being shy. Are you presently one of these? Usually do not concern yourself, this short report covers all important measures and clarify “how it is possible to meet women”. It’ll surely help you.


Appear Everywhere!

The spot is probably definitely among the incredibly very first thing, should you reside within a spot in which the human population is beneath it’ll lower your odds of meeting a lady. A very good solution to find girls are theme parks, cafe, bars and lastly the densely populated regions.

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It’s Been A While!

Yeah so we took a break a little while ago (I’m sure many of you have noticed) and now we’re back! Better than ever, more shiny than that door knob you just cleaned up… and as always, we’re NOT going to make much sense.

Making sense is so overrated anyways… right?

So here we are, ramblings of a 432 year old man.